Increased Yields

The most significant benefit of co-branded products that contain the technology of SumaGrow® is the yield increase. These yield increases are achieved cost effectively as products containing SumaGrow® cost less than the fertilizer and other inputs they replace in most cases.

How does it work?

Soil that is balanced and maintains a strong, viable community of soil microorganisms will grow higher yielding and healthier plants, even under stressful environmental conditions. Adding products containing SumaGrow® to your nutrient program inoculates the soil with these vital microorganisms that break down and capture bound, atmospheric and applied nutrients, hold water, and help balance the soil’s nutrients.

The technology of SumaGrow® was developed to help plants achieve their maximum potential, even in less than desirable conditions, like transplant, extreme temperatures and drought.

The following results reflect the ability of products containing the technology of SumaGrow® to maximize yields for the producer.

The following is a representative sampling of results:

Alfalfa – Michigan State University – One gallon and 1.5 gallons of a product containing SumaGrow® were compared to a control field resulting in yield increases of 29 percent and 33 percent, and a profit advantage of $58 and $62 per acre. read more

Cattle Weight Gain – Murray State University (Kentucky) – cattle gain of 40.5 extra pounds during a 150 day grazing season; higher compared to grower standard fertilized pastures; also higher Animal Unit Months (AUM) and Return on Investment (ROI) read more

Corn – Arise Research & Discovery, Illinois – corn yield increased 19 percent, with a 50 percent reduction in fertilizer, compared to grower standard of 100 percent fertilizer read more

Forage Grass – Tellus Consulting, Virginia – higher yield (36 percent), more nutrients (crude protein and digestible protein), improved soil (higher calcium, phosphorous, potassium and magnesium), greater weight gain (extra 2/10 of a pound per day) and lower cost than grower standard fertilized fields read more

Golf Courses – Turfgrass Disease Solutions, Pennsylvania – golf course turf was comparable in quality and color using ReeCourse Golf (SumaGrow® inside) and 20 percent fertilizer (80 percent reduction) compared to 100 percent fertilizer, and color was better with solely ReeCourse

Soybeans – Illinois Soybean Association Yield Challenge – won first place in District 9 (only district entered)

Strawberries – Holden Research, California – increased the net profit by $1185 per acre with a 20 percent reduction in fertilizer compared to grower standard

Tea – Nanjing Forestry University, China – “… all parameters related to plant growth vigor increased by more than 25 percent as compared with those of untreated tea trees" and the product “produces positive effect on the soil.”