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cotton fields in Arkansas


A grower in Arkansas wanted to see how SumaGrow® with a 50 percent reduction in fertilizer did when compared to just 100 percent fertilizer. The results of his trial showed a 5 percent increase in yield, but also a 100 percent reduction in boll rot, 21 percent more bolls, and a significant increase in plant height.

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The Jiangx Agricultural University in China conducted an independent test on the effects that SumaGrow® products had on cotton. No NPK was used in this trial; just a product containing SumaGrow® and a control with no inputs. The SumaGrow treated cotton yielded 23 percent more cotton than the control and the lint yield increased by 28 percent.

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silhouette of Georgia


Research to determine the output of cotton treated with products containing SumaGrow® showed a 95 pound per acre increase in cotton lint and a 110 pound per acre increase in cotton seed which equates to a $61.75 per acre gain over untreated fields.

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The use of a product containing SumaGrow® in combination with a 75 percent reduction fertilizer out-yielded the grower standard (100 percent fertilizer) by 63 pounds per acre. The 50 percent reduction in fertilizer plus a SumaGrow® containing product produced 30 pounds per acre more than the grower standard. Additionally, the treated plants had better development and size.

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cotton fields in North Carolina

North Carolina

These field trials were conducted on 138 acres of cotton in Northeast, North Carolina. The farmer also raises chickens so he applied 13 tons of chicken litter, 40 units of nitrogen, and 25 units of sulfur to 73 acres and tested that against SumaGrow® on the remaining 65 acres. These SumaGrow® acres did not receive any fertilizer at all. At the end of the test, the SumaGrow cotton was higher quality, higher strength, and had a lower percentage of trash than the fertilizer-treated acres. This translated into an increased profit for the farmer of 77 percent.

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SumaGrow treated cotton in Arkansas SumaGrow treated cotton in Arkansas

Danny grows 1500 acres of cotton in addition to other crops that he treats with a conventional fertilizer program. Danny chose two 10 acre conventionally fertilized plots of cotton, one of which he treated with an additional product containing SumaGrow®. The 10 acres treated with a product containing SumaGrow®:

Produced 100 lbs/acre more in lint cotton | Produced $10/acre more in cotton seed | Matured 10 days earlier | Tap root was an average of 6” longer

After the cotton reach maturity, it was exposed to a storm that produced winds in excess of 50 mph. The treated plot stood tall and was undamaged. The untreated cotton was pushed to the ground, inflicting damage to the stalk and cotton bowls.