Results: Soil Improvement

corn in illinois

Illinois - Water/Nitrate Leaching

The technology of SumaGrow® can reduce the amount of runoff water dramatically as well as reducing the nitrate levels in that runoff.

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state of mississippi

Mississippi - Phosphorus Reduction

The technology of SumaGrow® can mobilize and solubilize phosphorus and help make it available for plant uptake.

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state of mississippi

Missouri - Soil Properties

The technology of SumaGrow® can reduce soil compaction, increase moisture retention, and maintain healthy soil.

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SumaGrow treated fields hold water while surrounding untreated fields are flooded

Bob Groulx, president of SumaGroulx, SumaGrow® Inside products, farms 800 acres in Munger, MI. He has been using SumaGrow® products for five years and has treated corn, soybeans, wheat, and sugar beets, among others. Since using SumaGrow® products, Groulx has been using 100 percent less mineral fertilizers and micronutrients and 40 percent less nitrogen. He stated his plants have higher brix, increased yields, and faster germination. Mr. Groulx shared aerial photos comparing his fields treated with SumaGroulx and untreated neighboring fields several days after a heavy rain. The areas outlined in yellow were the fields treated with SumaGroulx, SumaGrow® inside products. The pictures speak volumes; healthy soil holds water.