Dec 2014

BSEI Awarded 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting


Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant awarded Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (BSEI) the 2014 Governor’s Award for Excellence in Exporting at a ceremony held at the Jackson Country Club on December 3. Designed to recognize Mississippi companies for their success in maintaining or increasing export sales, the awards recognized two companies in the service sector and two companies in the manufacturing sector, which included BSEI.

“I am proud to honor these four homegrown companies for their excellence in exporting. Not only did these companies and their leaders think outside of the box when creating their innovative, high-tech products and services, they thought internationally,” Gov. Bryant said. “They are showing the world that Mississippi has what it takes for companies to grow and be successful while helping create jobs and improving the quality of life for individuals right here at home and around the globe. I thank them for their dedication to the state of Mississippi and congratulate them on this exciting day.”

BSEI increased international sales by 1,245% since 2013 and recently added Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Greece, Hungary, Nigeria, Philippines, Romania, Thailand and Vietnam to its already impressive list of international exports. Additionally, BSEI gained sales, distribution, and manufacturing rights in New Zealand.

“It is very exciting to be recognized for our growth and efforts. We have been so busy that we haven’t taken much time to celebrate our successes. This has been a great opportunity for us,” said Wayne Wade, President of BSEI.

“Our increased sales and growth in exporting directly reflect the success of our products and how well they perform,” Wade said. “We have an excellent team who has worked hard to get us where we are and who continues to ensure that we manufacture the best agricultural products in the world.”

"The companies honored with these awards play a large role in strengthening the state’s economy, as well as that of their local communities. Additionally, they epitomize the talent, innovation and pioneering spirit found in Mississippians throughout the state,” said Mississippi Development Authority Executive Director Brent Christensen. “We congratulate these companies on their achievements and look forward to watching their continued growth and success.”

The 2014 Governor’s Awards for Excellence in Exporting were sponsored by MDA and the Mississippi District Export Council. The ceremony was attended by state officials and members of the Mississippi Development Authority, the Area Development Partnership and the District Export Council among other Mississippi economic development divisions.

Nov 2014

Mississippi Medallion Winner Grown with SumaGrow®

Earl Watts has a hobby that he laughingly declares “is out of control.”

award winning day lillies grown by Earl Watts

Mr. Watts and his wife, Barbara, own and run Suburban Daylilies, an American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden, on their property in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. What began 40 years ago as a way for Mr. Watts to relax after work has grown into a thriving business with almost one thousand different daylily varieties for sale to nursery wholesalers and the general public.

"SumaGrow® has made all the difference," Mr. Watts says.

“You have to stay busy when you retire. It’s just something I love to do. I had about 700-800 plants before I retired and now I have around several thousand including the seedlings,” said Mr. Watts, now 83 years old.

Suburban Daylilies, an American Hemerocallis Society Display Garden

While Mr. Watts says that it’s “just something to do to keep busy,” he does far more than that. Mr. Watt’s hybridized daylily Suburban Nancy Gayle, was recently voted a 2015 Mississippi Medallion Winner by the Mississippi Nursery and Landscape Association. Only three to five plants are selected as a Medallion Plant annually.

And Mr. Watts says that using SumaGrow® has made a significant difference in the germination, growth and quality in his daylily production. Mr. Watts began using Tall Harvest, SumaGrow® inside about three years ago and said the daylilies grow better, have more fans per proliferation and the colors are more vibrant and “green, green, green.”

images from Suburban Daylilies

Also, Mr. Watts has been able to significantly reduce his fertilizer input costs. “I don’t use as much fertilizer. I’d say I reduce it about two thirds,” Watts said.

Mr. Watts says that he root dips all of his daylilies in the SumaGrow® product before planting. He likes to wash the dirt off the roots before dipping and says it extends the use of the product and gets the liquid directly on the root of the plant.

“It just seems like the plants grow better-it pushes them. Whatever is in it they like,” Watts said. What is in “it” is a balanced blend of beneficial soil microorganisms and humates created to build and maintain healthy, balanced soil that maximizes plant quality and yield while reducing fertilizer inputs and irrigation needs.

comparison of plants grown with and without SumaGrow product

And what about his other plants? “The tomatoes love the stuff,” he said, “I don’t use any fertilizer on my tomatoes, just the SumaGrow®.”

This past summer Mr. Watts shared a couple of photos of his personal “experiment.” These tomato plants were newly planted but you could already see the difference!

Hundreds of visitors- customers, out of town tourists and curious Mississippians- seek out the Watts’ home every year, mostly in the spring during the full bloom of the daylilies, to tour their beautifully landscaped yard -laid by Mr. Watts- complete with outstretched live oaks, ripe red knock out roses and just about any other kind of plant species they can imagine. “One time we had two tour buses show up at the same time,” Earl said. “We like for large groups to come separately but sometimes they just show up and we don’t know they are coming.”

And what does Barbara think of all this? “We enjoy it…it keeps us busy. For more information about Suburban Daylilies, visit

Sept 2014

Mississippi Company Ranks as the Fourth Fastest Growing Private Manufacturing Company by Inc. Magazine

Hattiesburg, MS, August 29, 2014- Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (BSEI) ranked 2nd on the 2014 Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private U.S. companies for the state of Mississippi and #4 overall for manufacturing. Additionally, Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. was ranked #297 out of the top 5,000 companies in the United States.

BSEI, the sole manufacturer of products containing SumaGrow®, was recognized for its astounding 3-year growth of over 1,500% for 2013. This award-winning microbial technology increases crop quality and yields while decreasing chemical fertilizer inputs.

sign outside BioSoil Enhancers, Inc.

In development since 2003, products containing SumaGrow® are now being utilized worldwide in over 40 countries by farmers producing virtually every crop type from traditional row and truck crops to citrus groves and coffee plantations. SumaGrow works from the ground up to restore and maintain soil health for the long term benefits of achieving maximum crop performance while lowering fertilizer use by a minimum of 50%.

“Products containing SumaGrow® support the producer while protecting our resources,” said Wayne Wade, President of BSEI. “People are more aware that over-fertilization is harmful to our land and water resources. SumaGrow®-containing products reduce fertilizer use without compromising crop performance. It’s a perfect balance between science and nature.”

SumaGrow® has been tested and the benefits validated by major universities, independent consultants and specialty testing facilities. However, Wade says that sales of products containing SumaGrow® are driven by grass roots marketing and farmer satisfaction. Although some meetings may happen in the board room of a large food supplier, much business is conducted under a good shade tree or around a kitchen table of a local farmer. The producer that tries a product containing SumaGrow® on 100 acres the first year will most often treat their entire operation by the second or third year.

BSEI’s goal is to support producers in profitable farming through increased yields while addressing the many challenges that face the future of food production- including land degradation, soil erosion and nutrient runoff, and water eutrophication and pollution. Products containing SumaGrow® offer sustainable solutions that protect natural resources for the next generation.

In addition, products containing SumaGrow® are increasingly being utilized for recreational turfs and golf courses. Both industries are under scrutiny for negatively impacting the environment through excessive fertilization and irrigation.

Dr. Lalithakumari Janarthanam, Director of Research & Development at BSEI, and her team continue to expand the technology of SumaGrow®. “We are developing new products that may be used on a broad spectrum of crops to help them overcome environmental stresses. It is very exciting to know that SumaGrow® products support farmers while positively impacting our environment,” she stated.

The technology of SumaGrow® was recognized by Popular Science in 2011 as the Grand Award Winner in the Green category for its ability to increase forage yields and decrease fertilizer and water inputs; won the Illinois Yield Challenge in the district it was entered in 2011, was highlighted by Popular Science magazine in 2009 as a solution to address the world’s exploding food needs; and has been recognized by, Hemispheres Magazine, and Corn & Soybean Digest among others.

July 2014

SumaGrow® to Launch New Business in Central and South Americas

Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (BSEI) is looking forward to expanding business in Central and South America, thanks in part, to the Mississippi Development Authority. BSEI representatives recently participated in business to business development missions organized by the Mississippi Development Authority to Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador

Lou Elwell (second from left) stands with representatives from the MDA and US consulate at an organic vineyard.

Lou Elwell (second from left) stands with representatives from the MDA and US consulate at an organic vineyard.

Lou Elwell, BSEI CEO, participated in a three country stop to Paraguay, Uruguay and Chile, meeting with prospective licensees and government regulators.

" One of our biggest challenges to international growth are the excessively long regulatory approval processes. BSEI is proactively working with government regulators to obtain import and sales permits. The sales potential in these regions is enormous." Elwell said.

Wayne Wade, BSEI President, travelled to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador meeting with the US Embassy, government officials, large manufacturers of agricultural products, and small family farmers.

BSEI Welcome Newest Team Member

Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (BSEI) is pleased to introduce Jerrid Boyette as Production Manager.

Mr. Boyette brings to the position the necessary skill set and field experience needed to ensure the highest quality of product and timely production. Mr. Boyette comes to us with exemplary recommendations from both professors and colleagues.

Jerrid Boyette

Mr. Boyette completed his Masters in Biology from the University of Southern Mississippi where he specialized in environmental ecology. While there, he taught courses on anatomy and physiology as well as work at the Lake Thoreau Environmental Center at USM. As a research assistant, he conducted studies on the effects of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill on Mississippi’s coastal marshes, on the role of fungi in plant decomposition, and on the effects of prescribed burns on soil respiration.

He earned his undergraduate degree with highest honors in 2011, receiving his B.S. in biology with a minor in chemistry. Prior to that he worked as a nurse on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


The following picture was sent to us by Agribiotics, a licensed seller of products containing SumaGrow, of a trial on forage grasses in South Africa. Notice the distinct difference in heighth and thickness.

March 2014

Dr. Lalithakumari Janarthanam (Dr. Lalitha), Director of Research and Development for Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc., was invited to speak at the 1st ASEAN Microbial Biotechnology Conference (AMBC2014) held in Bangkok, Thailand. She discussed the effects of the beneficial microbes composing SumaGrow in stimulating soil, plant, and environmental health while reducing chemical fertilizer needs.

According to the AMBC2014 website, the conference had two primary objectives:

From February 19th – 21st, hundreds of scientists gathered in Bangkok, Thailand to discuss topics such as biofertilizer and other agricultural biotechnology, biofuel, industrial biotechnology, and medical biotechnology, to name a few.

Coincidentally, the conference occurred while area farmers protested for compensation for the loss of rice crops to drought. Dr. Lalitha’s presentation focused on the benefits of SumaGrow technology for plant health protection from both biotic stress (damage done by other living organisms like parasites) and abiotic stress (damage done by non-living factors like drought). She explained how the use of diverse synergistic and effective soil microbes in SumaGrow will be the catalyst for the “Second Green Revolution” in sustainable agriculture.

Benefits of using products containing SumaGrow include:

When asked to tell us about the conference, Dr. Lalitha discussed a few of her favorite presentations which included:

Dr. Lalitha also mentioned Dr. Wolfgang Zimmerman, Professor at Leipzig University in Germany, who spoke about using enzyme technology for cleaning and bioremediation. BSEI’s sister company, Bio-Solutions, has been using this same technology for over a decade to create laundry soap, floor soap, and vehicle cleaners as well as bioremediation products for grease traps, lift stations, and wastewater treatment plants. When Dr. Lalitha asked Dr. Zimmerman how to mass produce the enzymes, the response was simply that this is very expensive technology. However, the microbes composing the Bio-Solutions’ product line naturally produce these stain-fighting enzymes.

February 2014

Wayne Wade, President of Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (BSEI), manufacturer of SumaGrow®, rolled out a nationwide SumaGrow® on the Go (SGOTG) campaign in the later part of 2013 and hasn’t stopped since. Wade said:

“Although, I knew {SGOTG} would be successful, I have been blown away by just how successful it's been. At least one member of our {STOTG} team has been gone every week since the beginning of January.”

Already SGOTG has been scheduled in Florida, Colorado, Maryland, Montana, Mississippi, New York, Illinois, Colorado, Pennsylvania and Ohio- and that is just through March.

What is SumaGrow® on the Go?

SumaGrow® on the Go is a team of scientists and agricultural professionals from BSEI,who travel nationwide to meet with local agricultural producers and concerned citizens to discuss the issues affecting agriculture and food production in the United States- water shortages, contamination, and the rising costs and regulations of fertilizer inputs- and propose the SumaGrow solution. SumaGrow® microbial technology utilizes the best in science to get back to where nature intended while utilizing the advanced technology of today. Armed with years of scientific research, field trial results from major universities and specialized testing facilities, and farmer feedback, the SGOTG team demonstrates SumaGrow’s ability to:

Typically a two to three day event, SGOTG is hosted by a licensee and structured for a specific group of agricultural professionals, such as corn growers, forage producers or plant nurseries. SGOTG is ambitiously organized to achieve multiple goals:

If you would like more information regarding SGOTG or would like to find an event near you, please call us at 601-582-4000 or email

January 2014

As Temperatures Dive, SumaGrown Crops Survive

Most of the United States recently suffered through the coldest temperatures we'd seen in the past 20 years, with some places in the North hitting -20s (Fahrenheit) before wind chill.

Unpredictable weather plays havoc on everyone. Producers lose their primary source of income when environmental extremes destroy crops. Consumers pay higher prices for the limited supply, assuming that there is a supply at all. According to an article on

"When nature deviates from its normal cycles, it throws food production into chaos. A one-night drop below freezing, f or example, can wipe out the entire citrus crop in Florida . . .Here's what you need to remember about weather and food prices:

Stable weather = cheap food

Radical weather = expensive food (or no food at all)"

Plants treated with products containing SumaGrow have been known to survive unpredictable, extreme weather such as unexpected frost. Frost damage occurs when the water inside the plant freezes and forms ice crystals, puncturing the plant cell walls. Because SumaGrown plants are more nutrient dense, they contain less water and are less likely to be damaged. Numerous studies have shown that products containing SumaGrow increase the overall health of grasses and plants. Healthier plants have denser, deeper roots and higher brix levels, and produce sturdier plants with a higher tolerance for environmental stresses.

SumaGrown Tobacco Survived Early Frost

SumaGrow® treated tobacco fields in Virgina, North Carolina (top left) thrived despite several early frosts while the untreated fields (bottom left) were completely destroyed. Thomas Elliott, owner of Elliott Farms, grows around 100 acres of tobacco among other crops. Elliott treated 30 acres of tobacco with SumaGrow® at the recommended split application of one gallon per acre. Both treatments were foliarly applied (leaf as opposed to soil application). The remaining acres were treated only with conventional fertilizer. The leaves were golden all the way to the top and perfect for harvesting. The untreated fields were destroyed by the frost and were not harvestable.

Do you have any stories of plants treated with SumaGrow surviving extreme temperatures or conditions? We’d love to hear about it. Email and tell us your story.

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