December 2013

Year in Review

As the year comes to a close, we at Bio Soil have been reflecting on how successful 2013 has been. Please join us as we remember some of our most exciting moments.

Inc. Magazine ranked Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc.:

BSEI Director Keynote Speaker at BIOCICON

Dr. Lalithakumari Janarthanam, Director of Research and Development for BSEI, was invited to give a felicitation and to be a keynote speaker at the 4th Biopesticide International Conference (BIOCICON2013) in November in Tamil Nadu. This year's theme was "Ecofriendly Plant Protection and Production for Food Security, Food Safety, and the Role of Biopesticides in Global Economy." In her paper "Biopesticides-a new dimension for sustainable agriculture," Dr. Lalitha presents research that demonstrates the ability of several species of fungi known to be effective against certain plant pathogens.

BIOCICON is a biennial conference that gathers scientists and researchers from all over the world to discuss natural, sustainable alternatives to control pests.


We were honored by our many successes in 2013, but our greatest achievements will always be what products containing SumaGrow do for our end users. Enjoy a few of our highlights below.

ReeCourse Outperforming NPK on Sports Field

Bunbury Cathedral Grammar School in Western Australia allowed SumaGrow licensee Farm Organix to treat part of one of its sports fields (right side) with ReeCourse Fairways, SumaGrow® inside. The left side of the field was treated with regular NPK fertilizer. Nine months later, the change in appearance was remarkable, both above ground . . .

. . . and below. Both Farm Organix and Bunbury Cathedral plan to continue the trial through the winter and into the next dry season.

International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture Attracts Worldwide Participation

Quarterly Training Seminars Well Attended

Here's to another Happy and Prosperous New Year!

October 2013


Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. President Wayne Wade and wife, Gail, represented BSEI at a banquet in Washington, D.C. honoring those listed among Inc. 500’s fastest growing private companies in the United States. Wade considered it a great opportunity to meet other entrepreneurs and exchange ideas. While there, he was interviewed by representatives from the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation who wanted to know, with so many challenges and naysayers, how does he find the energy to continue. Wade said:

"It isn't the big successes that keep us going. Everyone who succeeds draws from their small successes to gain energy. We look for the little things that are working and build from there."

In August, BSEI was ranked 2nd on the 2013 Inc. 500’s list of fastest growing private U.S. companies for manufacturing and 77th overall. Additionally, BSEI was named the #1 fastest growing private company for all categories in the state of Mississippi. BSEI, the sole manufacturer of products containing SumaGrow®, received this honor for its astounding 3-year growth of over 4,000%.

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation is one of the largest foundations in the United States devoted to entrepreneurship. Its mission is "to help individuals attain economic independence by advancing educational achievement and entrepreneurial success" (

October 2013

BSEI Ranked Second Fastest Growing Private Manufacturing Company By Inc. Magazine

Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (BSEI) ranked #2 on the 2013 Inc. 500 list of fastest growing private U.S. companies for manufacturing and #77 overall. Additionally, we were named the #1 fastest growing private company for all categories in the state of Mississippi. In the past 3 years, we have grown by over 4,000%, and we owe it all to SumaGrow!

What is SumaGrow®?

The SumaGrow® formulation is a proprietary blend of microbes that has demonstrated the ability to increase crop quality and yields while decreasing dependence on chemical fertilizers. It works from the ground up to restore and maintain soil health for the long term benefits of achieving maximum crop performance while lowering input costs by an average of 50%.

In development since 2003, the technology has been tested and the benefits validated by numerous major universities, independent consultants and specialty testing facilities. Products containing SumaGrow® are now being used worldwide in over 4o countries by farmers producing virtually every crop type from traditional row and truck crops in the US Midwest, to citrus groves in Florida, to forage and hay crops in Italy, and cacao in Brazil.

Sales of products containing SumaGrow are driven by grass roots marketing and farmer satisfaction. Because sales are generated through independent licensees, each has its own target market and unique approach. Although some meetings may happen in the board room of a large food supplier, much business is conducted under a good shade tree or around the kitchen table of a local farmer. The producer that tries a product containing SumaGrow® on 100 acres the first year will most often treat their entire operation by the second or third year. In agriculture, word of mouth is key and seeing is believing

Award-Winning Technology

The technology of SumaGrow® was recognized by Popular Science in 2011 as the Grand Award Winner in the Green Category for its ability to increase forage yields and decrease fertilizer and water inputs; won the Illinois Yield Challenge in the district it was entered in 2011, was highlighted by Popular Science magazine in 2009 as a solution to address the world's exploding food needs; and has been recognized by, Hemispheres Magazine, and Corn & Soybean Digest among others.

BSEI's goal is to support producers in profitable farming while addressing the many challenges that face the future of food production - including land degradation, soil erosion, and nutrient runoff - and offer sustainable solutions that preserve natural resources for the next generation.

Dr. Lalithakumari Janarthanam, co-inventor and Director of Research & Development at BSEI, continues to expand the technology of SumaGrow. "It is very exciting to know that SumaGrow products have the potential to make a big difference to the environment," she stated.

How to Purchase

The SumaGrow® formulation can be found in many popular products both in the US and around the world through independent licensees. A list of licensees can be found at Look for products with the SumaGrow inside logo.

April 2013

International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture Attracts Worldwide Participation

Dr. Krish Reddy, co-founder of Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc., speaks to the audience about the history and development of SumaGrow.

The International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture brought the agricultural community from around the world together to address the very real challenges facing agricultural producers and the future of food production.

The ICSA audience was a multi-generational and culturally diverse mix of participants that included farmers, scientists, educators, and agri-business from around the world. They shared the common goal of learning more about the technology of SumaGrow, an award-winning and crop enhancing blend of microbes for use in agricultural production.

The focus of the ICSA 2013 concentrated on the global challenge of increasing food production safely, affordably, and sustainably. The ICSA highlighted the technology of SumaGrow® as a sustainable alternative to conventional inputs alone and a valuable tool which can be used to address the environmental and economic issues in agriculture.

Dr. Lalithakumari Janarthanam, renowned scientist and co-inventor of SumaGrow, opened the conference with a thoughtful presentation about the science and technology behind SumaGrow and explained how SumaGrow is beneficial to the farmer, the consumer and the environment.

Dr. Lalithakumari discussed the pathology behind plant disease and explained how healthy soil promotes healthier plants with fewer pests and diseases.

Participants chose between more than a dozen break-out sessions on topics including organic farming, commercial horticulture, soil remediation, bioremediation, and turf management. Also highlighted were the data and trial results from international SumaGrow crop trials that included the countries of India, Honduras, Dominican Republic and Vietnam. These results demonstrated SumaGrow®’s ability to increase crop production and reduce fertilizer dependence on a wide variety of crops in diverse soil conditions and climates.

Although the conference schedule was full, attendees enjoyed plenty of down time and networking opportunities during the kick-off reception at the IP Casino Resort Spa and the guest dinner the following night.

January 2013

Dr. Lalithakumari Recognized for Her Contributions in Plant Health

Dr. Lalithakumari is honored at the International Conference on Plant Health Management for Food Security in Hyderbad, India.

A recent trip to India proved both beneficial and inspirational for the Bio Soil Enhancers, Inc. (BSEI) team. Dr. Lalithakumari, Director of Research and Development for BSEI and Wayne Wade, President, met with both the visionaries who were instrumental in agricultural innovation in India and with citizens who shared the common vision and passion for introducing and improving agricultural technologies.

Dr. Lalithakumari, was recognized for her contributions in the advancement of technologies to improve plant health at the International Conference on Plant Health Management of Food Security in Hyderabad, India and was invited to introduce her pioneering research and development of the technology of SumaGrow®.

She focused her presentation, entitled "New Frontiers in Green Technology for Sustainable Agriculture," on successful plant health management in challenging conditions including greater energy demand, population explosion, and increased land degradation. Dr. Lalithakumari's presentation provided a platform for her to introduce the award-winning technology of SumaGrow® and discuss its many benefits, which include growing higher yielding and healthier crops with a significant reduction in fertilizer inputs.

Over 500 field trials were conducted in three states in India using the technology of SumaGrow® in 2012. Because of the success of these trials, representatives and dignitaries from these states will be attending the upcoming International Conference for Sustainable Agriculture on February 20 and 21 in Biloxi, MS.

Wayne Wade and Dr.Lalithakumari visit with M.S. Swaminathan, considered the "Father of India's Green Revolution", at his foundation in Chennai, India.

Mr. Wade and Dr. Lalithakumari had the honor to meet with Dr. M.S. Swaminathan, "Father of India’s Green Revolution," at his foundation in Chennai. Dr. Swaminathan now believes that farmers must adapt more eco-friendly methods in order to feed the growing population and is using his influence to spread the message. Dr. Swaminathan has been acclaimed by Time Magazine as one of the twenty most influential Asians of the 20th century which he shares with only two other Indians, Mahatma Gandhi and Rabindranath Tagore.

Dr. Swaminathan's research foundation, MSSRF, was established in 1988 in support of nature, the poor, women, and sustainable on-farm and non-farm livelihoods through appropriate eco technology and knowledge empowerment.

Dr. Swaminathan will visit BSEI, Inc., in October when he attends the World Food Prize Ceremony in US.

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